Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bird view of Paris

Beautiful Paris taken from Eiffel Tower

Chateau de Versailles

During my euro trip, I have joined a local tour and visited Chateau de Versailles in France. It is really very beautiful and impressive. I have taken a number of videos which have been uploaded inYouTube!

Another round of medication

Levicin Tab, Barlodin (Bromhexine HCI + Detromethorphan HBr + Guaifenesin), Pharynx Lozenges, Methorsedyl Syrup. Oh! I feel a bit better and I hope that I need not see the doctor again!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Return from Trip

I have returned from the trip! However, I was sick so I needed to see a doctor. I have not slept well for the past few days as I coughed a lot. I hate taking medicine as this generates many side-effects:( I insisted on taking less medicine but my doctor said that the quantity of the medicine taken had been kept to the minumun: Uni-Ramine DE (syrup), Dexohexine Tablets, Famine Tab, and Augmentin.
I am always determined to make myself stronger and lead a more healthy life but always fails:(

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My last nite in London

This is my last nite in London before I depart for Hong Kong tomorrow. This is also my first time to travel with my parents to Europe by ourselves. I realise that they feel exhausted as they are required to walk a lot during the trip! Unlucky that I also get a cold during my stay in Paris:( I need to see a doctor upon my return:( We have not explored Paris in details but Paris is real beautiful! Today we planned to visit Cambridge but eventually we visited Oxford instead. We visited the New College and the Oxford Castle. Tomorrow we shall visit the Kew Royal Garden and the Hyde Park, etc.
Though it is 10:30 pm London time here, I wanna leave a few words here. I shall write more in my next entries.